Why Swarme?

You can select the carer you need, directly. We can help you find the right person who fits all your requirements. All of Swarme’s care givers are trained, experienced and DBS checked.

At Swarme we believe in helping families access care for their loved ones.
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Our approach to home care for the elderly

All our carers are trained to provide person-centred care to people who wish to maintain their independence in their own home. Kindness, compassion and empathy are key to the work we do. No matter how long we spend with a client, we work to develop a trusting and respectful relationship.

Select the right carers for your loved one’s needs

Whether you need someone to fulfil light domestic tasks around the home, or provide more complex care to a parent/grandparent suffering from dementia, Swarme can help. Each carer’s profile details their training, qualifications, and experience. You can also request a carer with a particular language, or faith.

Find carers at short notice

There’s all sorts of reasons why you may need a carer at short notice, and Swarme ensures that you have the resource to solve the problem. You’ll find carers who can be available immediately, with the experience and training to be able to understand and fulfil your loved one’s needs.

Leave feedback on carers who work for you

We have very high standards at Swarme, and these are maintained through a feedback system. Once your carer’s shift is over, we’ll ask you for feedback. We find that this system drives up the quality of care, and gives each carer an ongoing commentary on their strengths and things they can improve.

Find carers you want to work with again

We are always delighted when a family finds their ‘perfect carer’ via Swarme. When this happens, you can simply book their services in advance and work out with them directly the care package that they can deliver for you.

Swarme will ensure your carer is experienced, trained and fully compliant. If you’d like more information, please contact us on 07825 774 700 or send us your requirements.

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