Fall back in love with the care industry

If you follow what’s happening in the social care industry, you’ll know there’s not a lot of love for the sector right now. In fact, many people working in the profession are so disenchanted they’re leading a mass exodus. The turnover rate for care staff in England reached nearly 28% in 2016-2017, according to one report while another discovered that four in 10 home care workers were leaving.

To put it in Tinder generation terms, when it comes to a career in the social care sector, there's a lot of swiping left going on.

The reasons for this falling out of love are many and varied – and it's hoped the publication of the government’s Green Paper on the future of social care will shed light on some solutions. In the meantime, there are organizations out there doing good things to help bring back the love. One of them is Proud to Care, whose team of ambassadors visit schools and colleges to inspire young people to join this rewarding profession. Another initiative, run by the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital a couple of years ago, was to present a workshop where students got to experience care work with role playing exercises – including putting on gloves before attempting to unwrap a boiled sweet, which effectively demonstrated the difficulties that older people face.

And since 2016, a programme led by Care England – which represents independent providers of adult social care – has been road-testing a new way to help raise the profile of adult social care as well as improve recruitment and retention.

Swarme are also doing our bit to play cupid for the social care sector. It may seem strange to say we’re an introduction agency – but that's exactly how we're defined by the Care Quality Commission, which is England's health and social care regulator. We act as a match-maker, selecting, vetting and introducing carers to clients and facilitating care contracts between clients and carers.

We set up with the goal of bringing more love into the social care sector. Our service is designed to create a mutually beneficial alliance between workers and recruiters – and we hope a partnership that will lead to a more committed, respectful and long-lasting relationship.

Oh – and it's all done on our easy-to-use platform. It's perfect for smartphones. Just promise us you won't swipe left!