Immediate access to trained carers with the skills and expertise to provide the help you need.

Find carers with the qualities and experience you want to work with. Feedback from other care providers will help you to select the carer you need, when you need them.

What type of recruiter are you?

Below are some of the great benefits you can enjoy by using Swarme.

Select the right carers for your needs

Swarme allows you to choose carers who fit in with your company’s values, beliefs and standards. Select the expertise you need for each shift, give feedback on top talent and save your favourites. Choose high quality carers from your local community and book preferred carers in advance.

Lower your recruitment and staff costs

Swarme’s service is provided at a lower rate than larger employment agencies. Our pay-as-you-go services, and lower hourly costs, mean that you can slice through your current resourcing budget.

Find talented carers quickly and easily

Swarme ensures you get carers who are experienced, trained and fully compliant. We supply DBS checks, references, qualifications and ‘right to work’ documents. Select the right expertise for the shift by searching on preferences such as expertise, language, gender or location.


You can flex your workforce to suit your caseload without worrying about high agency rates. Find talented carers at short notice, when you need them. There are no minimum hours for booking.

Make connections

Swarme brings together care workers, recruiters and service users to build a strong and meaningful network in the region.

Reduced admin

Swarme is online across all devices, so you can manage your resourcing issues on your mobile, tablet or desktop in the most efficient way and cut out the paperwork.

How It Works

Technology, meets care: our unique system is designed to quickly match carers to your exact requirements.

  • Register & Create a job

  • Select a Carer

  • Provide Feedback

  • Review Accounts