Why Swarme?

We’re here to help you find the right carer for your needs. You are able to apply criteria and select someone who fits them all. Every Swarme carer is fully trained, has experience and is DBS checked.

Swarme home care agency for Bedford helps you access care for the people you love.
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The Swarme approach to person-centred care

Every Swarme carer is trained to provide person-centred care to older people wishing to live independently. All our professional care is underpinned by a commitment to the person behind the symptoms, to uphold their dignity, individuality and aspirations for the future. Our caring relationships are built on reciprocal respect and trust.

Swarme helps you find carers who can meet your loved one’s needs

Whether your loved one needs help managing dementia symptoms, or is looking for someone to help with shopping and housework, Swarme can help. You will be able to peruse carer profiles, check out their experience, specialism and training. We can also help if you’re looking for a carer who speaks a specific language, or follows a particular faith.

Need someone at short notice? Swarme can help.

We know what it’s like to try and juggle work and family, so we make sure that you have the means to manage last minute requests for care. You’ll be able to search for professional carers who live locally to your loved one, and who are available during the hours you need them.

Swarme appreciates your feedback on carers

Hearing from you about how our carers are doing helps us to maintain our high standards for all our clients. Once you’ve hired a carer, we’ll ask you to give feedback on the experience. We find that this drives up quality, and provides our carers with a commentary on the way they are delivering their services.

Find carers you want to work with again

If you find a carer who absolutely ‘fits the bill’ you will be able to book them in advance for future work. Carers who work consistently with clients are able to work with families closely to develop a personalised care package for delivery going forward.

Swarme home care services for Bedford guarantees that the carer you hire is trained, experienced and fully compliant. If you’d like more information, please contact us on 07825 774 700 or send us your requirements.

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