Why Swarme?

Our goal is to offer high-quality care for people who wish to retain their independence. When selecting your carer you can apply criteria and choose the person who comes closet to meeting them. All Swarme carers are experienced, professionally trained, and DBS checked. Swarme hourly care in Bedfordshire allows people to receive the care they need which remaining in their home environment.

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The Swarme approach to client-centred care

Every Swarme carer is a trained, adaptable professional who is experienced in caring for a range of clients with differing needs. We don’t just ‘treat the symptoms’, instead we take time to get to know our clients as individuals with unique goals and aspirations.

Swarme helps you find carers who can meet your needs

Whether you’re looking for someone who can provide dementia care, medication management or simple, personal care, Swarme can help. We share carer profiles with clients. These tell you about the experience, qualifications and specialist training of each carer. If you need someone who speaks a particular language, or has an understanding of a specific faith, we’ll help you to access a good match.

Need someone quickly? Swarme can help.

It’s not always possible to plan ahead, which is why we work hard to facilitate last-minute requests for carers. You can search for available carers who live close by, or who prefer to work at night, or during the weekend. We have a great record for helping when it matters most.

Swarme appreciates your feedback on carers

We take pride in the quality of our hourly care in Bedfordshire and we care about keeping our standards high. That’s why we ask our clients to provide feedback on the people you’ve worked with. We simply want to know how it went, what was good and anything that disappointed you. The feedback helps us the drive up quality, and it’s shared with carers who can learn from your comments.

Find carers you want to work with again

Often Swarme clients find the ‘perfect carer’ through us. We’re always delighted when it happens and we make it easy to book them in advance for future work. Working consistently with a carer allows for a deepening professional relationship, and the creation of a personalised care package going forward.

Accessing Swarme hourly care in Bedfordshire guarantees that the carer you hire is trained, experienced and fully compliant. If you’d like more information, please contact us on 0782 5774700 or send us your requirements.

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