Your phone frees you up to manage life on the go

Useful technology such as the smartphone or tablet has empowered us to enjoy life and work in smarter ways. Swarme makes it easier for carers and recruiters to make mutually beneficial connections.


Swarme works across all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Clean, Simple Design

Swarme enables you to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

On Your Terms

Swarme gives you flexibility and control to work on your terms.

One System. All Tasks.

Swarme is designed to work around your everyday life. Below are some of the system features you can expect as a recruiter or a carer.

  • For Recruiters
  • For Carers

Your secure profile contains all of the important information to manage your recruitment needs.

Real Time Information

Swarme keeps a record of carers you’ve used, your total spend, who authorised each time sheet, and how each carer performed.

Unlimited User Accounts

Share the workload by creating unlimited user accounts to suit how you run your business.

Mobile Optimised

Swarme works on phones, tablets and desktops, so you can recruit from anywhere.

Search for Carers

With a built-in search facility, you can quickly find carers you’ve already worked with.

The opportunity to take control and achieve work-life balance.

Set your own pay scale

We understand that although you work hard, carers don’t always get paid what they’re worth. With Swarme you can set your own hourly rate. The greater your experience, the greater the reward. What’s more, we pay you within 24 hours!

Hours that suit you

With Swarme, you can set the hours that suit your lifestyle. So, if you want to do the school run or take up a new hobby, no problem! You set and control your working hours and recruiters work around you.

Choose where to work

Working locally means you spend less time travelling and more time earning. Swarme lets you set your own working radius. Take control of the time you have available to work by working close to where you live.

Free bespoke training

We provide free training modules to improve your skills, extend your knowledge and enhance your profile. The more you can bring to your caring role, the more you can charge for your services.