It’s not all about Elderly Care

According to figures from, there are around 5,430,016 carers in England. But not all of them are dedicated to caring for the elderly.

There are actually around 1.5 million people in the UK that care for someone with mental ill-health. Of those carers, 50,000 are children and young carers looking after family members or people with mental ill-health of all ages.

This means that one in four carers is a mental health carer and 11% of carers in the UK look after people with dementia. Approximately 840,000 carers (14% of carers) look after people with learning disabilities.

So you can see that caring for people is not just about looking after the elderly population in care homes or via care at home options.

General home care services


Home care services include regular visits from a carer to help an individual with a range of help from personal care to shopping and preparing daily meals.

Other services that a person in receipt of home care can access may include meals on wheels and monitored personal alarms. They may be able to have their home adapted or be offered equipment to help the person better manage everyday tasks.

A lot of local councils run day centres where people can attend and join in with lots of different activities or enjoy organised days out. This is great for a person's mental health and helps them to feel less isolated or lonely.

The advantages of home care services


There are many advantages for choosing home care services both for the individual receiving the care as well as for their family members.

Firstly, the costs of hiring a carer to take care of a loved one in their own home can actually cost a lot less than care home fees.

You will also be able to control how much support you need, whether it is to bring in a carer a couple of days per week to give you a break from your caring duties, or to give your loved one daily support while you are at work.

Another big advantage for the care recipient is that they get to stay in the familiar surroundings of their own home and can remain close to their friends and neighbours. They can also keep their beloved pets that they would have to give up to move to a care home.

With Swarme, you can tailor your care needs to suit your requirements. So if you need more help at certain times and less at other times, you have the flexibility to scale your services up and down as you need.

Who is eligible for care at home?


People of all ages can get care at home. You may benefit from a carer to help you with:

  • Personal care
  • Practical support to enable you to live independently
  • If you are seriously ill and living at home without family help
  • Have a disability or mental health problems

Swarme has over 30 years of working within the care sector. Our quick and convenient service empowers people looking for a carer to choose what level of care they want and how much they want to pay.

Swarme can help bring together care workers and those seeking caring help. We have all types of qualified and experienced carers on our database from those seeking to gain new caring experience to very experienced and specialised carers.

If you’re not sure what level of care and support you need, please contact one of our members of staff on  0782 5774700. We are here to help!