Connecting talented people with great companies

Are you currently looking for work? Are you a business looking to recruit staff? Or are you someone looking to hire a specialist such as a cleaner, carpenter, nanny, dog-walker etc. As we expand, we’re now instantly matching specialised worker with hirers, within a a range of industries, with goal-healthy incentives for everyone involved.

Our Vision

With over 30 years experience in the care sector, we know first-hand the mixture of outdated, expensive & length recruitment processes, that often end in poor/zero outcomes & low employee retention rates. So to bypass all this, we’ve designed an online system to enable prospective employees & employers to connect more efficiently & effectively, making the steps from sign-up to hire as short as possible. We are now opening up our innovative tech to companies within an array of industries & to workers of all skills, abilities & experience. We also strive for goal-healthy incentives for all involved. Click here to fill in our form & join now!


So who can benefit from Swarme:

●   Those looking for work

●  Businesses looking to recruit staff

●  Individuals looking to hire a specialist e.g. cleaner, dog walker, handyman, nanny

Swarme aims to ensure workers & hirers have equal choice & control. Workers from all industries can choose where & when they want & set their own rate of pay. Whilst, hirers can select who they want & how much they are prepared to pay. Win-Win for all – Sign up here!

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