New ‘Care Movement’ Aims To Boost Flexible Working In Bedford

The owner of two Bedford care homes has launched a new business model to create flexible job opportunities in the town.

Dean Pinnock developed his online platform, Swarme, to connect people who are looking for part-time care jobs with people who need a carer. Workers can sign up for free and choose when they want to work, from as little as one hour a day. They can also pick the kind of care work they want and how far they want to travel. No prior experience is necessary.

‘We’re all carers at heart and I wanted to tap into that to inspire people to work in the care industry while giving them control over their job,’ says Dean, who runs Bedfordshire Supported Housing Ltd. ‘Caring isn’t just about qualifications and bedpans, it’s about helping someone to feel more comfortable and happy. So why not use that life skill to work flexibly around your life.’

Swarme is aimed at everyone from parents who want to work a few hours around school hours to someone who’s looking to supplement another job. The online platform allows workers who register to set their own rates and there are ‘cash back’ rewards for good feedback. Workers can also sign up for free industry-standard training.

As well as helping more people into flexible working, Swarme is also aimed at giving those who need care better choice. For example, Bedford has a large Italian community and there is an option to choose an Italian-speaking carer. ‘It could be something as simple as a carer spending an hour chatting to your mum or taking in your dad’s favourite meal once a week,’ says Dean. ‘I want Swarme not just to create jobs but to bring the feel-good factor back into the care industry.’

* If you’re looking for care work or need a carer, register at


Dean Pinnock: 0782 577 4700