Swarme: How Online Technology Can Improve the Lives of Carers and Those in Need of Care Work.

A recent survey from the University of Hertfordshire found that the number of people in the UK taking advantage of online platforms for flexible work increased almost two-fold from 2016’s figures, with almost 9.6% of adults in the UK (nearly 5 million of us!) working within what’s known as the ‘gig economy’.

Digital platforms such as Uber, Deliveroo and UpWork are some of the leading services which offer the opportunity for flexible working hours, all whilst keeping smiles on our faces as we now have access to more affordable cab fares, more takeaway options and access to a range of expertise from freelancers at our fingertips – ready to work when we say go.

We’ve all witnessed the power of new businesses reshaping industries by incorporating digital technology to make the lives of everyone easier. That’s why here at Swarme, we are passionate that our new approach to care work can improve the lives of all involved in the process more so than ever before - and here’s why:

We offer flexible working hours

Working with Swarme allows for you to be as hands-on or hands-off as you want when it comes the hours you work. We understand that people have busy lives and commitments that means they require flexibility with their work. With almost 1 in 10 taking up working with online platforms, it’s clear that many benefit from the flexibility they offer – working around their already busy lives to earn extra cash.

What this flexibility means is that those in need of care can have someone ready to help them where and when they need it. Swarme works 24/7, which means you’ll have around the clock access to qualified and vetted care workers.

You decide your pay

As a carer, Swarme allows you to choose how much you want to be paid, so any work you do with us is always worth your time and commitment. This is unique to us in comparison to many other online platforms, as we put the power in your hands when it comes to deciding what you’re worth.

This also means that those looking for carers can set a rate that works for them when advertising any work through Swarme – making our services inclusive for a range of budgets and needs.

 You’ll be paid within 24 hours

We understand that waiting for payday can be tedious, especially in times where we need cash the most. That’s why we pay carer’s who find work with Swarme within 24 hours of a successful shift.

With a large uptake of youngsters working in flexible roles within the gig economy – it’s a great opportunity to earn some extra cash and have it ready in time for the weekend!

Choose where you want to work

Carers: You’ll have free range over where you want to work as we allow you to decide how far you’re willing to travel for a job. We understand that not everyone has access to a mode of transport which allows them to travel far – so whilst some may wish to stay local due to this, others who can travel may wish to gain additional exposure by covering a greater area.

This is excellent for those in need of a carer, as they’ll find it likely that there’ll be someone in the area ready to be of assistance to them.

Swarme is able to offer this new care movement with the help of online technology, which we believe has the power to revolutionise the care sector by making finding and carers and connecting them with jobs far more easy and efficient – all whilst offering flexibility on both ends.