Understanding the Importance of Getting Carers on the Go

When hiring care home staff you need to be able to get quick access to highly experienced and very diligent staff.

Your staff and their skills are what helps to build your reputation. They are the face of your business so you need to make sure you get the right staff that are not only skilled but are also compassionate with a genuinely caring nature.

The pressure to find carers fast


Care home managers have a lot of pressure on their shoulders to provide an outstanding level of care to their residents, so a big part of their responsibility is to be able to access a source of carers with experience of working in a care home setting.

The carers you choose will be the ones interacting directly with your care home residents on a very personal level, so you need to have certain checks and balances in place to ensure you only bring in the best carers that are used to working with very vulnerable people.

This is where Swarme can be of great help to you!

Swarme makes it easy to access quality carers


We are an introductory platform that helps to match carers looking for work with people who need their help. This includes helping care home managers to find carers to help them out whenever they need an extra pair of hands.

Care home managers will usually have their own in-house team of carers working for them, but on occasion you may need to find a carer to fill a gap when a carer is off sick, goes on their annual leave, or to bridge a gap between a carer leaving your employment and a new carer starting work.

Fully vetted carers available when you need them


As with anyone applying for a caring role in your care home, you will want to make sure they are suitable candidates to work in your establishment.

By using Swarme to find and appoint your carers you will know that we will have already performed several checks and sourced proof of training and certification needed to work as a carer at a certain level.

This can save you a lot of time narrowing down and selecting the carers that you would like to work for you. Our online platform allows you to search for your perfect carers and book them as and when you need them.

Our carer booking system works in Real-Time, so you will be confident that any suitable carer you find will be available to book according to your criteria.

Your Swarme account


Once you joined Swarme and set up your account, your profile section will contain all of the information you will need to help you manage your hiring needs.

When you book a carer, Swarme will keep a record of everyone you have booked, your total spend and more. This makes it easy for you to look back at your history to find your favourite carers that you would like to hire again.

Depending on the size of your care home, you may have a management team in place that will be responsible for booking carers for particular shifts or days of the week.

With Swarme you can have unlimited user accounts. This means that you can create an account for each of your team members with a responsibility for hiring staff. This means that the responsibility for hiring carers is not solely on your shoulders.

You can also hire a carer while on the go via your smartphone or tablet. We understand that when running a care home you need to be in all places at once, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you to quickly book a carer no matter where you are – you don't need to be tied to your office to be able to use Swarme!