5 Ways Technology Helps Deliver Better Care

In just under two decades technology has become central to our daily lives. Most of us use it for shopping, banking, socialising, organising and relaxing and admit we’d be lost without our phones. But are we making the most of technology at work? Lots of sectors would place a big ‘tick’ next to that question; but if you work in the care sector, you may think there’s still room for improvement.

Care organisations are certainly using more tech now than ever before, and the adoption rate is faster. But are we realising the full potential digital devices offer? In this blog we consider 5 ways that technology helps deliver care:

1. Care Recruitment

How do you recruit at present? If you’re running a care home, or domiciliary agency you’ll probably spend quite a bit of time recruiting for permanent staff. If you’re in a spot and need someone quickly, you may use recruitment agencies. But what about alternative options that make use of your phone to instantly network with local carers?

Dean Pinnock founded Swarme because he wanted to use technology to enable care providers, and care givers to work more effectively and efficiently. The result is an online platform which you can access using your phone. Carers can post their profiles, set their rate of pay, and state the hours they can work. Care providers are able to select local carers that match their values and skills requirements.

2. Keeping Families Connected

2020 has been a difficult time for families with older relatives who need care. Many residential care homes are likely to see restrictions on visiting stretching into 2121. Zoom, Facebook, and Skype have been an invaluable way for families to see each other digitally, if not physically. Regular ‘catch-ups’ really improve morale, offering a punctuation mark in a day, or week that might otherwise seem endless.

3. Digital Check In for Care Workers

When a client tells you that a care worker didn’t turn up, or was late arriving – what do you do? Without proof it’s one person’s word against another and the outcome is rarely satisfactory. A digital check in system removes uncertainty. Your care worker's location is ‘captured’ on arrival and departure, providing absolute proof of their movements.

4. Daily Updates

Most families welcome information about their loved ones, but they’re often uncertain about how often to call for updates. A digital system of daily updates that families can log into, is often seen as a welcome improvement. The updates don’t have to be lengthy, but they provide a continuity of communication which is appreciated – especially if visiting is restricted, or not possible.

5. Digital Records for Staff

Handover notes on clients facilitate better care, but it’s difficult if carers don’t actually get to meet physically. Digital notes don’t depend on physical presence, can be accessed when convenient, and are far more secure than piece of paper with confidential notes on them. There’s also the additional benefit of not having to try and unscramble a colleague’s handwriting!

About Swarme

Swarme is an independent online platform that immediately matches recruiters' needs to available carers. It is accessible on all devices, so you can access it via your phone, on the go. By giving recruiters instant access to a database of local available carers, Swarme cuts costs and empowers users. There’s an opportunity here to develop a powerful and mutually beneficial network.

Would you like to register for the Swarme platform, either as a carer, or recruiter? For simple sign up, go to swarme.co.uk