Why Would Anyone Want to Work in Care?

We put the question ‘Why would anyone want to work in care?’ to our care givers. Here are some of their replies:

You Become Like An Amazing Family

Care givers, and the people they care for become like an amazing family, because you’re standing in for the family really – what they can’t do. First thing, dignity is really important. We all deserve dignity whatever age we are. Second thing, independence – it’s what make you carry on. We share stories, crack jokes and learn from each other. I’ll always remember the things I’ve learnt from the people I care for.

Emily, 22

Caring Is More Than Just A Job

Most of the people that I’ve worked with – that I consider good carers – treat it as more than a job. You can tell if someone’s just doing it till they get something better. They could be doing everything by the book but they don’t ‘connect’ with the service users. So it’s a cliché, but we really do touch people’s lives in this job. Seeing a dementia sufferer recognise me and smile – that’s my day made.

Elaine, 46

Someone is Depending On You

It’s nothing to me, doing the shopping at the supermarket. But for a lady I work with it’s like a night out. She’s always there looking out of the window and waving when I arrive – dressed up for the shops. Bags are all ready and she’s excited to see me. To begin with I wasn’t sure, it felt odd. My mentor said I was her ‘lifeline to the outside world’. Made sense then and now I like it that she depends on me.

Finn, 19

You Learn What a Smile Means

Sometimes you do something so small, like – I don’t know – wiping her face, and she’ll catch my hand and really look at me. Then she’ll smile, and I’ll smile. Those are special moments.

Kiara, 30

We’re Not Just Skivvies

On a bad day I feel like I spend my life making cups of tea and changing beds, and there is a lot of that. It’s not the main part of what we do though. When I’m walking through the residential home where I work, it’s like I’m connected to every single resident. I’m watching, thinking maybe that I’ll pop over for a chat with so-and-so in a bit, or make sure that the lady on the first floor gets a bit of exercise today. We try and make sure that everyone is independent to a certain degree, and that takes energy from us. All the time. I’m always thinking about things I could do better or techniques I could try out. I’m just connected the whole time I’m on my shift, like a nurse would be.

Re’al, 23

Working With Swarme

Whether you’re an experienced care giver, or this is your first job in care, Swarme gives you the opportunity to find the kind of work you enjoy, during the hours you can work. We provide free, bespoke training for new carers, and as you gain more skills and experience you’ll be able to set your own pay-rate.

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