Jobs in Care

Looking for Jobs in Care?

All the people who work for Swarme are heroes as far as we’re concerned. Whether they’re helping someone get out to the shops regularly, or providing an overnight ‘sitting’ service for a client with dementia, they’re making a real difference. Care work isn’t like any other job; it requires kindness, compassion and a high degree of personal responsibility. Which is why we value the carers who work with us so highly.

A Flexible Approach to Work

“I can only do hours when the kids are at school, so there’s not many ‘normal’ jobs I can apply for. Care work is flexible and it means I get money coming in regularly.”

We call Swarme ‘the new care movement’ because we’ve created a new approach to how carers are hired. We don’t ask for set hours, or minimum qualifications, instead we put carers in direct contact with clients. If you can do the hours they’re looking for and you fit their criteria, they’ll hire you. If they think you’re a good fit, they’ll book you in advance for more hours.

New to the Care Sector?

As the UK population gets older, we’re going to need a whole army of carers to support them. At Swarme we believe the best way to train new carers is to start them with in-house training whilst they’re earning money. Once our carers start to get some experience, they may want to specialise in a particular area, or get a formal qualification and make a career in care. We don’t put up barriers to people working in care.

“When I was made redundant from my hospitality job I didn’t know where to turn. Care Assistant jobs provided an immediate start and they offered proper progression. Plus, I enjoy what I do which is a bonus."

What’s the Pay Like?

That depends on the qualifications and experience you have. We let our care workers set their own rate of pay. If you’re just starting out it will be much lower than someone who’s been working in care for years. But the moment you start to gain experience, your rate will begin to rise – and you’re in control of it. Care workers who have their own car are in high demand as people need help in their own homes, so that attracts a higher rate, too.

What Kind of Work is on Offer?

You’ll see from our Jobs Board that there’s all kinds of jobs in care available. Our care workers would normally be in either a residential care home environment, or providing support to someone in their own home. We work with a range of clients who may be physically disabled, elderly, or have a mental illness. You may be cooking light meals, accompanying someone to a job interview, or dealing with dementia patient.

We are currently looking for experienced and non-experienced care workers in Bedfordshire, Worcestershire, Essex, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Take a look at our Jobs Board for details, and how to apply.