Home Care Jobs at Swarme

Looking for Work That Fits Around Your Life?

The people who work for Swarme don’t tend to do regular hours. Some prefer to work for 3 or 4 hours each days whilst their kids are at school. Others are available for night shifts only, or just at the weekends. Home care jobs at Swarme are different from jobs almost anywhere else. And the people who provide their skills, compassion and experience are hugely valued by their clients and the Swarme team.

Work That Makes a Difference

‘Making a difference’ can sound like a bit of a cliché, but where care work is concerned it’s absolutely accurate. Swarme carers are an important lifeline for clients who may not see anyone else in the course of their day. Perhaps helping with a bit of shopping, or cooking a light meals feels like a small thing to you, but for someone living on their own and feeling vulnerable, it can literally feel life-saving.

New to the Care Sector?

At Swarme we welcome new carers with open arms. Right now the people needing care far outnumbers the carers available to support them. We need a new way to grow carer numbers and Swarme is leading the way. We don’t ask for set hours, or minimum qualifications. Instead we offer new carers in-house training, and the opportunity to earn money and gain experience right from day one. At Swarme you can build a career in care whilst you earn.

“A week into the first lockdown I was made redundant and I didn’t know where to turn to earn money. Then someone suggested I look for care assistant work. To begin with it kept a roof over my head, but now I love what I do and I can make a career out of caring for others.”

Isn’t Care Work Poorly Paid?

Traditionally care workers have suffered from low pay. That’s why Swarme lets care workers set their own rate of pay. For someone just starting out, the rates will be lower than for a care worker with years of experience and training. However, home care assistants are in demand, and the moment you start to grow your experience your rate will go up. If you have your own car you’ll find that your rate is higher, because carers need to travel to their clients’ homes.

What Do Home Care Assistants Do?

Take a quick look at our Jobs Board and you’ll see the variety of roles on offer. Swarme home carers offer a range of services to adults living in their own homes. You will have a care plan to follow, which may involve cooking, ensuring medication is taken regularly, shopping, accompanying clients to social events, or sitting with a dementia client through the night.

We are currently looking for experienced and non-experienced home care workers in Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Worcestershire, Slough, Essex, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The jobs on offer change regularly, so keeping checking in and contact us if you’d like to apply.