Specialist Homecare for Type 1 & 2 Diabetics from SWARME

When you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it can make a serious impact on your lifestyle. This is why SWARME wants to let people know that they don't have to cope with the changes they need to make on their own.

Making drastic changes to your lifestyle can be a daunting task. Many diabetics can struggle to adapt to their new daily routine of managing their diabetes, including making sure that they eat healthily and get enough exercise.

It can also be hard to adapt to taking any prescribed medication to treat their diabetes. This is why it is of great importance that you have the right care and support around you to make sure that you are managing your condition properly.

Connecting you with the care you need

SWARME can help to connect you with home carers with the right training and experience to help you better manage all aspects of your Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.

You can use our register of trained carers to find a local carer that will meet your individual needs. They can come to your home and help support you to adapt to the challenges thrown up from living with diabetes.

Your chosen carers will build a long-lasting relationship with you and offer you support and understanding as you get to grips with your condition and will encourage you to become as comfortable and as confident as possible with your new lifestyle.

SWARME understand that you want to be as independent as possible while continuing to live in your own home. This is why we strive to help match you up with the right care support to allow you to live your best possible life.

Is diabetes a common health condition?

Diabetes is a common condition that is classified into either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is classed as a life-long health issue where sufferers will need to take medication for life. It is commonly referred to as juvenile diabetes or early-onset diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes often develops when the body's insulin response becomes faulty, leaving a person's blood sugar level too high. While some people with Type 2 diabetes can manage their condition with changes to their diet, some will need to manage it by taking oral medication. Approximately 90% of all adults with diabetes in the UK have type 2.

Currently, more than 3 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with diabetes. It is thought that many more people have pre-diabetes, a condition where you have higher blood sugar levels than normal, but not high enough to be officially diagnosed with diabetes or need medication.

Implementing the right care and support

It is extremely important that once diagnosed with diabetes that you implement the right care and support that will help you to manage the impact of the diagnosis on your life.

Through SWARME, you can connect with the right level of diabetes home care and support you need to help prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by the changes you need to make. We will help to match you with not only the right carer with the appropriate skill-set needed but also someone with a great personality that we know you will get on well with.

You can choose a carer that is local to you who will be able to help minimise the impact of your diabetes diagnosis on your life. Together you can work towards building a comfortable routine and lifestyle that will enable you to cope and manage your condition.

You will remain in complete control of your support and care needs, so as you adapt to your new lifestyle you can choose to increases or decrease your level of homecare and the support you require to allow you to live the most normal life as possible.

If you would like to contact one of our friendly members of staff to discuss your needs, call us on +44 782 5774700. We are here to help!