Swarme Post Operative Home Care

Swarme offers an online platform to find carers for professional post-operative home care for those leaving hospital to enable them to recover in the comfort of their own home.

Our cutting edge technology allows you to find carers that are the most suited to your needs so that you can work together in harmony, whether that be for in-home caregiving to provide ageing life care assistance, specialised care for patients with Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's Disease and cancer.

Our care plans are custom-tailored to help our clients meet their unique needs and health care requirements. Whether you need help with regular personal care, short or long-term post-operative care, medication reminders and help at mealtimes.

Post-operative home care

With Swarme, you have complete flexibility and control of how much care you need on your terms. Everyone leaving hospital after a medical procedure will require a different level of care according to the type and extent of their treatment and how physically able the patient is on leaving hospital.

Through our online platform, you can select trained carers with the knowledge and experience you need to look after patients following surgery. Our service helps to provide the highest standard of carers to ensure that you will be able to comfortably recover at home, whatever your needs.

With a built-in search facility, you can quickly find carers you've already worked with. You will not only be able to find the right carers for your needs but also be able to re-hire your favourite carers when possible.

 At Swarme, we understand the importance of forging a trusting relationship with your carers, so with our service, you get to choose who cares for you.

Following your surgery you may need:

  • Help to get out of bed and to move around the home
  • Help and guidance to follow your doctor's instructions for a full recovery
  • Help to take important medication
  • Help with changing dressings and applying topical treatments

Reliable, reputable and trustworthy carers

Swarme has an ever-growing database of carers ranging from people new to care to well-established health care assistants with many years of nursing training and specialised caring experience.

Because we have an individual person-centred view of care, we will strive to ensure that you are matched with a level of care that is perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

You are in charge of how much care you need and also what you are willing to pay for your care. Swarme makes finding a carer more affordable and because you will not be paying a set fee for a package that includes services that you may not want or need, you get to control the type of care you receive.

Looking for specialised care?

Depending on your post-operative care needs, you may need a carer with specialised experience, or you may be just fine with some general help and assistance.

Working with carers that have experience in post-operative care may help you to feel more reassured. They will be able to keep a check on how you are feeling and monitor your healing. They will be better able to spot any issues with your surgical wounds or signs that may be of concern.

No matter what level of care you need, you can create a personalised care plan to suit you following surgery. As you heal and feel better, you can scale down your care needs easily through your Swarme account.

What type of recruiters do Swarme work with?

Swarme works with all types of people and care homes that need the help of health care workers, including:

  • Private residential care provider
  • Non-profit residential care provider
  • Private domiciliary care provider
  • Non-profit domiciliary care provider
  • Individual or family recruiters

Find out how to recruit the right carers to suit your needs. It is easier than you think!